The song was created during a joint session in Hanover and combines the best of both band worlds: Catchy melodies, danceable beats and electronic flourishes. The two projects got to know each other purely digitally. Jonas Sercombe from the Planetoids played in the two Welanskis‘ virtual Metaverse room as part of an art exhibition. As a result, they never lost sight of each other and realised „that we were on the same wavelength“, as Josef von whoiswelanski explains. 

And so the song SICK tells of the inner conflicts and exhaustion that arise from living under the wrong conditions. It shows how exhausting and sickening it is to maintain facades and constantly try to fulfil the expectations of others. Whether it’s about their existence as musicians themselves, interpersonal relationships or social conditions is up to the listener. With lyrics such as „I can’t go on, living such a big lie“, the track addresses a universal feeling of alienation and at the same time shows a way of liberation: Shouting out loud that we wish many things were different and that we are tired of the gap between appearance and reality. 

Because this gap leads to deep divisions and rifts. This message, transported by a melody that oscillates between intense rock riffs, piano hooks and catchy electronic beats, forms the centre of SICK.

SINGLE "SICK" (06.06.2024)