„Talk (Korg M1)“ – 19th of March

2 singles from our debut album made with the Korg M1 Synthesizer only!


Video: 16 Hertz – Korg M1 Version

Talk (Korg M1) mit 2 singles

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What happens when whoiswelanski switch through 200 sound banks of the synthesiser Korg M1 in their musical lockdown everyday life and fall in love with every single one of them? The songs „16 Hertz“ and „Ausruhezeiten“ from their album „Talk“, released last autumn, get a fresh coat of paint and are rearranged with Korg M1 sounds, exclusively. The rather analogue musicians discover the digital world for themselves, and this in two ways. Whoiswelanski not only ignite a digital synth firework, but also present the releases in a virtual world called Cryptovoxels. In their art gallery built on the blockchain and called „alone and not alone“, the music video for „16 Hertz – Korg M1 Version“ can be seen from the 19th of March on. As if from another world, not only the embedding of the video in a metaverse, but also the visual design of the video itself appears. In collaboration with Anil Coskun, the duo creates an ambivalence, both sonically and visually, with almost disturbingly psychadelic visuals in the video for „16 Hertz – Korg M1 Version“. On the one hand, pleasantly warm, idyllic, rays of sunlight occasionally pushing through the thicket of trees. On the other hand, a narrow room, cold, a person sitting in an armchair. Something seems to be tormenting him. And then this atmosphere, created by a machine that set out in the 80s to conquer the world with canned saxophone sounds and otherwise unusually coloured sounds.
Korg M1 Sounds in…
…16 Hertz:
80 Good and Bad, 63 Voices, 90 Zephyr, 94 E-Guitar, 29 Drums #2, 28 Sun Mallett, 68 Block, 11 E-Piano, 77 Ping Wave, 10 Pan Mallett, 43 Angels, 69 Fingersnap.
97 Hold, 01 Piano, 86 Digital 4, 87 Soft Brass, 75 Digi-Bells, 11 Electric Piano, 52 Tuba, 76 Analog Bass, 09 Drums #1.