Whoiswelanski say goodbye to the warm season with their current single „Summer Night“ and invite everyone to lose themselves once again in the melancholy of past nights. Similar to a successful summer night, the right ingredients are needed for the right song.

The list of ingredients for the whoiswelanski sound machine includes this time: 

  1. A guitar riff, which is transported from the campfire to the studio via cell phone memo…
  2. …combined with the pitched voice of the young Paul McCartney that hides in the intro of the song.
  3. In addition, there is a guest appearance on vocals by David Stöbener from the band „So Soon“ – because what would a summer night be without friends?
  4. Samples from the electronic world, intertwined with a classical rhythm section 
    and catchy lyrics that pour a big drop of melancholy over it all. („Longing for nights to share, our hopes our dreams, our fears“)

Refined by mixing engineer Maximilian Wörle and mastering engineer Dimi Conidas, you can reminisce from second one. The final result can be admired in October at three live gigs, among others on October 13th, at the Kiezkultur Festival in Hannover.