PRIMAVERA – Korg M1 Version

(WHOISWELANSKI feat. GIGANTE) – 9th of april

Music made with the Korg M1 Synthesizer only!



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After the two Welanskis recently showed how you can reinterpret your own songs with just one instrument, the 80s/90s synthesizer Korg M1, there is now also a new previously unreleased song from this series. Primavera: an Italo-pop song that brings us spring just in time for the beginning of April. The two have never set themselves linguistic boundaries and have always mixed German and English wildly. Now Italian. For this, the band collaborates with the indie musician Gigante from Fasano, Italy. He sings softly and warmly about spring, which will probably never come again („non sara mai piu primavera“), at least not yet („non ancora“). In spite of the slight melancholy, there is a certain amount of hope here which fits the current situation and the omnipresent feeling of insecurity. When listening to Primavera you find yourself questioning if the world is finally coming out of its 1-year hibernation caused by the Corona pandemic? The otherwise so analogue musicians discover the digital world for themselves, and that in two ways. The two not only ignite a digital synth firework in the style of Italy in the 80s and 90s, but also present the releases in a virtual world called Cryptovoxels. In their art gallery built on the blockchain called „alone and not alone“, music videos and artwork of past and current works can be perceived in a different way. The gallery consists of several rooms, which will also offer an exhibition space to other artists and musicians in addition to whoiswelanski. Perhaps this is also a side effect of the pandemic. The only thing left for us to do is to flee into virtual space. At Primavera, you can at least shake a leg and wish for spring, even if only in the form of an avatar.

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