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whoiswelanski. A German-speaking band from the deepest rural Upper Bavaria, which has an English name, uses pretty much everything from acoustic drums to digital noise, sings with autotune over guitar ballads and makes pop music that somehow isn’t pop music after all…so who is welanski? The band gives the answer on their debut album „Talk“. „Talk“ is for whoiswelanski the best friend, to whom you tell everything, but expect from that she won’t tell it to everybody. Too bad, if the day comes when this conversation wants to be published. Maybe that is why whoiswelanski mask their texts and translate their statements into worlds of sound. It is more about creating space to read or hear between the lines than about saying everything directly and loudly. The album title TALK basically sums it up: On the one hand there is the desire to tell something about themselves and to carry it to the outside, on the other hand the two guys hide behind quirky German, English catchwords and long hair (as well as tricky music). It is all about the balancing act that each of us knows. Coolness and openness, being special and belonging, in contact with the whole world and yet circling around oneself. whoiswelanski sound like the middle of all these contradictions.